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Just call the restaurant on (+61)400597255 to ask about opening times or to ask for closed holidays. Also book a table for yourself.

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  • Address: Shop 1 18 Thynne Rd, Brisbane, Queensland 4170, Australia, Carindale
  • Phone: +61400597255


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Ridiculously overpriced coffee and definitely not competitive for a suburban cafe or other cafes in this area. Large cappuccino = $5.90 in a cup that is not large in comparison to others. Disappointing.

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Great breakfast and coffee was good also a little loud and echoed a lot considering there was only 5 people inside this was loud. I felt like I was imposing when I interrupted the guy behind the counter to order and felt a little watched while I ate so perhaps not the most friendly feeling but can't really fault the food it was great for the price point.

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On the Grind open
On the Grind

Camp Hill Marketplace, 25 Samuel Street, Camp Hill, Brisbane, Carindale, Australia

Cafes, restaurants, coffee

In proving how the standard bar for quality has gotten pretty high in recent years, even the most unassuming of places offers either a decent meal, or a nice cup of Joe these days. What a time to live in. On the Grind has a good sense to not only be there for defaulting as a coffee location, but giving itself incentive to actually be good. That in the end is better than thinking, "well, it's there and there isn't anything else" since more word of mouth will spread. And you're hearing it here first, it gets my approval. <br> <br> It was time for the usual weekend shop for groceries, and with that it usually comes with finding a new coffee place to go to. However, it was fairly late in the day - and a Sunday to boot if I can recall - so places were either closed or closing. Options are a bit limited then, and the two of us found ourselves adjacent to Samuel Village. With new places opening, including one which was a bakery that had coffee, that was why we were there. But like I said, things tend to close early on a Sunday around here. Lady luck was on our side, because of here. It did look like it was closed, but the barista on the machine was still willing to get some business, so all was good. <br> <br> All that needs to be known about here is it is a free-standing cart. A few tables are around it, and the cart is a few meters from the entrance to the supermarket. It is not a lot to look at, which is why I have probably not thought of it too much, but being the considerate soul that I am it deserved to get a go just as much as any local roaster. And after trying the coffee here, it can give some of those places a run for their money.<br> <br> If I had a dolor for every time that I said this, or implied it in some way, I could save up quite a bit. It still matters to highlight the case, though. The service can make a big difference and/or an impact upon somewhere. That goes both ways. Here, it is positive. For once, the lady manning the machine was all too happy about squeezing some more business out of the day during the closing minutes - it is some extra money regardless. And she was friendly as ever. Think about it this way. I could describe her as this movie archetype, that Southern, slightly middle-aged waitress at a diner, whom is all too happy to interact with clientele. She was all smiles, very pleasant, and had a laid-back charisma even in being a bit busy. That is how good the service was here. <br> <br> It's simple what they have. It is primarily coffee. They also have the usual chai, and hot chocolate, plus a few cold drinks here and there. Food is pretty basic at times. This time around, it was a couple of varieties of bliss ball - which were given at a reduction if gotten in conjunction with a hot drink. The coffee that they use comes from Establishment. With this blend, it takes a little getting used to even if you like it a bit strong. The flavour and aroma hits you right in the face like a sledgehammer with how strong it is, and this is not sweet or anything. Good baristas can be trusted with it, and every time I have had a coffee with it being used, that coffee has been unforgettable. That was the case with the coffee here, and the lady even said that she made it quite strong deliberately. Well ma'am, you must have read my mind or known me in a previous life - it hit the spot like a bulls-eye. <br> <br> On the side I also got a bliss ball. This was to give a more well-rounded review, and it was worth it in the end. This was flavoured peanut butter and chocolate, and I think I will stop there. That combination is always a win.<br> <br> I enjoyed my coffee, and my time here. It is a relaxing little oasis to catch up on having a cup of coffee, and they deliver on quality and the barista really made it worthwhile. For most places like this, it would often be the only choice for a while, and previously the associations I have had with supermarkets selling coffee has been ..... passable at best, if unremarkable. That perspective has pretty much changed with this alone, as anywhere can have good coffee now with the right talent and care. On the horizon, this will be one of several great places offering coffee. <br> <br> One last thing is explaining the 4.0 rating. Keep in mind that it is not in the most picturesque of places, or not the most striking looking area (and I never really care that much for it, though when considering the high ratings one thing I do consider is the perspective of an outsider hearing about it and trying to find it). With all new plans coming up, and possibly more competition, this will be one place of quite a number to serve a decent cup of coffee. <br> <br> TL;DR: From something so unassuming and small, comes a coffee that really surprised me how good it was. Nevermind that it is right in front of a suburban supermarket, I have been to specialty coffee shops that have fallen short of what I got here. Relaxed, making more out of what is has for location, and with one of the grooviest ladies I have had the pleasure to talk to for a while, On the Grind is one place that really deserves a go if you like your coffee.